Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Kaiyodo Trigun Gazelle the Peacekeeper (Black Beast ver.) Action Figure Review

Base Body of "Gazelle"

Many intricate detailed are sculpted and painted in. such as the tatoos, bullets, gun holster, etc.

Poseability is good, but like early Revoltech, it cannot hold a good neutral pose. Saw-off shotgun and "water" can included.

Includes a themed base, themed after a fallen giant cyborg (that "Gazelle" probably has just blown up)... it is jointed and can plug into a hole on "Gazelle's" back

If anyone ever seen the packaging of this figure, you will know "Gazelle" is actually the name of this gigantic mechanical gun. The man carrying "Gazelle" is actually unnamed.

Design based on the Colt revolver "Peacekeeper"

a chain is provided to tie Gazelle to its owner.

Gazelle can be separated into 3 parts...

...The barrel transform into a minigun

While the chamber and handle forms a rocket launcher

Extra hands with culpted hangles are provided so Gazelle in all its form can be hold by its user.



Here's a figure based on a character in an anime "Trigun" that he never appeared in the anime or manga. Because Gazelle here is a character designed for Kaiyodo, based on the theme of the anime series.

Released before the Revoltech line began, the Trigun line shows some of what the Revoltech toy line will eventually famous for, such as the wild aesthetic, racheted joints, and... hip thrust..... *ahem*

Personally Gazelle is probably one of the best in this line, with lots of accessories, a very nicely themed stand that sort of work, and a figure that hold its pose very well. Which are all good, axcept for 1 part...

...and that's standing. While completely unarmed, Gazelle stands perfectly fine, but the moment and heavy accessories are involved stability become an issues. Because the major culprit here is the ankle joints, the stands wouldn't help in any of the standing pose.

But despite the flaws, one cannot deny just how amazing this figure looks. Gazelle has been out of print for a long time, but second one sometimes appear on Ebay, and for reasonable prices as well.

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