Monday, 12 September 2011

Hasegawa Virtual On 1/100 Myzr Delta model kit Review Part 2

Jet mode: Mortor Thrasher

Front view

Rear View

"Engine" detail

 Side view. Rather sleek profile despite all the parts stick out.

All the pieces swapped out or taken off for the transformation

The spiky design nature means that the jet mode can't be put on the table easily, and getting a stand and finding a suitable place to hold it is not easy either.

Bottom view showing where the head has gone to.


This is it. After 30+minutes of careful work and countless instances to scares, yzr Delta is transformed into its Jet mode. The main body of the jet is just secure enough to be handled, but the amount of thin, pointy parts sticking out of it makes it almost impossible to put on a table or set it up on a stand.

One could see that why this kit needs to be a part-swapping transformation though. And despite the complexity and nerve-wrecking experience in the transformation, the end result is pretty satisfying.

I'm not going to transform it EVER again though.

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