Friday, 9 September 2011

Hasegawa Virtual On 1/100 Myzr Delta model kit Review Part 1

Part 1 looking at the Virtuaroid mode.

Basic front and back view.
Right Weapon: Multi Launcher REVENANT 3 Ver.2.24 (beam Vulcan - beam blade)
Left weapon: Cold Dagger (beam daggers)
Centre Weapon: Homing Beam

Although Myzr can stand pretty well on its own, it's still better to keep it on a support stand. Here is a Bandai saint Seiya Myth Cloth/ Tamashii stand.

V Converter. Unlike earlier Virtual On model kits by Hasegawa, there is no decal for the converter this time, so the detail are painted on.

Booster inside detail.

There is a pair of eyes, but it is overshadowed by the visor headband completely...

only very minor weight issue with the weapon. Articulation is not brilliant, but besic action posese are still achievable.


So here is 3 weeks of hard work. Myzr (the Viper series in geneeral) is probably my favourite Virtuaroid within the game franchise, next to Raiden and recently, Angelan. The transformable design and the overall "sharp" look of the Myzr make it stand out a lot even amongst the wild designs in Virtual On.

Here Hasegawa has taken another step in "Kotobukiya"-rise their model kit, namely the pretty extensive part colour separation work. It is not 100%, but still very welcomed. Unfortunately, the design nature of Myzr Delta also means it is a fragile model kit. Poseability is about average for what I expecting, with transformation joints helping in several places. Just don't expect kneeling pose.

So this is it for the Virtuaroid mode. Up next is tranformation into Mortor Thrasher mode. Stay tuned!


  1. That's a nice looking kit!

    I had some questions about Hasegawa's VO lineup. How difficult is it compared to assembling an MG kit and do you need paint to make the kit to looks the same as the sample?

    1. I would say it is harder than MG kits. Hasegawa's VO model kit line is much more similar to "proper" model kits, so majority of parts are intended to be glued together. The parts also feel more fragile, because the parts are moulded thinner and finer than most MG kits.

      Painting wise, I believe only the Myzr Delta and Myzr Gamma kits are moulded with majority of colour in place, and even so, there are still a number of colour missing as you can see in my log of the build on my Myzr Delta.

      Temjin and Fei-yen series of kits relies on you to paint in the missing base colour and apply an extensive amount of water-slide decals.

      The one requires the most painting though is the Apharmd series, because the camo-pattern on their leg parts HAS to be painted on. There is no decal for that at all!