Friday, 16 September 2011

SD 011 Shin Toutaku Zaku - 真 董卓 ザク Review


Toutaku's Armored form. There is no real Unarmed form. While you can take the side skirt armors off, the shoulder armor is not deliberately designed to do so. althout the 6 gun barrels can be detached easily.

To compensate, Toutaku is more than 50% bigger, and with additional shoulder, elbow and knee joints.

Accessory 1: Imperial Seal in black

Accessory 2: Clear attack effect parts. 1 for each side.


 there are a reasonable amount of details that are not shown to be painted on the boxart, picking them out from the black background add a lot more details to the design.

Size comparison with Koshin.

Shoulder Armor/Weapon: 大筒・六門煉獄鎧
Final Attack: 滅殺爆煉弾


Toutaku, is the main antagonist at the beginning of the Three Kingdom SD gundam anime as well as the classic novel. A tyrant that taken the current emperor (a child) as hostage, and rule the country with force during a period of unrest. Here in SD Gundam model form, they give him a bit of a boost in size compared to the rest of the model release, with a rather fitting simple but "evil" colour scheme.

The great thing about Toutaku, other than the size, is the added articulations, and that is is missing little colour when built straight out of the box with stickers. Unfortunately, the gold plastic looks rather dull, and look more like mud colour than gold.

Another negative point for toutaku is the lack of armor and accessories. There is essentially no unarmed form to speak of, and the only accessoried are the Imperial Seal and the gun effect parts. there are not other weapons available beside that.

Overall, Toutake add much visual variety to the SD Sangokuden kit shelf thanks to its size. The price is higher, but not too bad. and If you can get over the lack of variety of form or small count of accessories, He is worth considering.

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