Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Metal House Metal Bug Super Vehicle 001 (Metal Slug) Unboxing

 Front cover

 Content Overview

Assembly instructions are done using photos. Not all of the instruction are crystal clear. so some modeling experience is required. 

There seems to be 1 joint connecting between the turret and the rest of the kit. Maybe the turret can move?

Most spruces are molded  in grey. Close up of the turret, ...

.... gun barrel, ....

...tank main body, .... 

...and the base grill on the tank. 

Here are the tank tracks' individual platings. 48 in total, molded in dark grey.

More close up on the details: the inside of the tracks, ..... 

 ... vulcan guns, .....

... and hydraulic pistons.

Also included is a turned aluminium cannon shell. there is a small hole for you to thread a string through, so you can use it as a necklace or even a phone strap. But be warned, it will most likely going to scratch, even crack, your mobile phone when you put it into your pocket....

this overall looks like a brilliant kit, the mold looks very clean and detailed. I will have no idea on its fitting or plastic quality until I open it up and start worknig on it. But for something from a company i have never heard of before, I am impressed. Wish it is officially licensed though....


  1. Nice review sir.

    I also bought this kit, two to be exact.
    Sadly, I am disappointed with the build. Plastic is not that good quality, not even close to gundam quality. Feels like I bought a bootleg product.

    Snap fitting the parts is a pain in the ass. It all falls apart seconds later after you snap fit it, especially the inner parts. You need supper glue to hold it in place or you'll get stuck forever building this kit.

    You also need to paint it to make it look decent for display.

    overall, i rate it a 2/5 product. Price is cheap but so does the quality. i wont recommend it to people with no model kit experience but if you want challenge go and buy then..

  2. Agree with Jen. This kit is poor is not detailed. In addition, the plastic is of very poor quality and the pieces fit together poorly. A lot of work to make something good.
    Fortunately, I found cheap on Ebay.