Sunday, 7 August 2011

Konami Busou Shinki MMS Type Fencer-Pearl Oorbellen Review

Unarmed Form

Default neutral / gentle smile face

Blushing face

Angry / shouting face

 The facial expressions are all pretty natural when used on her.

Armed Form

Main weapon: Straight sword

Main defense: Round shield
The shield can be mounted on the wrist either using the connector or directly by passing the hand peg through.
Close up Shots


 MMS Type Fencer Pearl - Oorbellen. Ever since she is released along with her wavemate Zielbellen, there has been 2 waves of repaint released, once as a KonamiStyle webshop exclusive, and one as the WonderFest 2011 Summer event exclusive.

In this wave Oorbellen and Zielbellen are basically identical, except for body type (one tall, one short), colour (one white and blue, one black and red), and minor differences in the swords, shields, head dress and "wings".

The armor and accessories count of Oorbellen is pretty low for a Full Armor pricing, with only small armor pieces decorating the arm and the legs, and the majority of the armor went to the multi segment skirt. It is not to say it is bad though. This design fits the "ballerina" and "sword fencer" theme of this wave very well. and Oorbellen has gain a very "refined" feel to her. The clear blue parts are used very well. The shield's gimmick is also a very nice touch, and the hinged hair piece is also very welcomed (would have wished that Altlene got that too really...).

The problem here is: Why Full Armor set level pricing? Her part count is only about on par with Harmony Grace or Kohiru, and yet they were sold below 3000yen. Here, Oorbellen is sold at 4000yen! That's more expensive than Eukrante OR Lancamentos back when they were released! This pricing increase is making newcomer of this toyline turning away, and even existing fans of this line needs to think twice before commiting to a new release.

So overall, I am happy with Oorbellen in her look, theme. She is well made and the armor count suits her. I just wish that she is a Light Armor.

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