Friday, 5 August 2011

Bandai SD 016 (326) Shin Sonshoukou Gerbera - 真 孫尚香 ガーベラ Review

Armed? Unarmed form?

Front View 

Side and Back View 

 Close up: head dress can swivel

Main Weapon: Naginata 麗虎刀

 Bow 虎影弓 is formed of the ribbon on the back

What is not shown here is a large number of different eye stickers for a large variety of expressions.

If  I got it right, Sonshoukou here is the first actual release of a female SD Gundam character! That alone is probably of an important enough reason to get her.

Sonshoukou is the daughter of Sonken Sr. and little sister to Sonsaku and Sonken Jr. History wise she is actually un-named, and only referred as "Madam Son". In history and classic novel, she married Ryuubi to help stabilise the relationship of the 2 countries, but while in history it is a political marriage, in novel it ended up as a real romance. In all cases, she is known to be a warrior princess, known to be heroic and greatly respected.

The kit comes with very little plastic part wise. There is no armor pieces beside the ribbon on the back. The head accessories does swivel, and she comes with 2 weapon and an arrow. Everything here are new bespoke parts specially for Sonshoukou, even the fists are smaller than regular SD Sangokuden kit. She does however, comes with 6+ variety of eye stickers for a variety of expressions from normal, happy, to angry, shocked and annoyed. the regular release version also comes with a paper cutout of a apron for Sonshoukou, while this "Shin" version gives you a paper drape to decorate a SD Sangokuden horse.

All in all, her greatest novelty is being a rare female SD Gundam. That alone probably worths the 600yen Bandai asks for. Be warned though that she is molded in pink and lilac, and a lot of the gold and red trims are missing and not included in sticker form.

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