Wednesday, 3 August 2011

SD 004 Shin Koshin Gyan - 真 胡軫 ギャン Review


Note: Gold paint around the lower body are not pre-paint parts. I forgot about taking the photo before painting and only noticed it mid-way through detailing the kit with gold Gundam Marker.

After Painting

Unarmed Form

Armed Form

Main Weapon, Scythe 撃鋭牙

Tip of the Scythe can be used as a sword, or as a spear
Heavy Shield 鋭牙盤

All weapon combined for the Final Attack formation
Final Attack: 鋭牙殺影斬


It's a character that no one really care about. In history he is a smallfry that is on the loosing side mostly. In novel and the anime he appear in one battle, and then he is beaten and never mentioned again.

Sounds just like the Gyan then!

Honestly though, the only reason I bought this is because there is a slight lack of villain characters amongst my SD Sangokuden collection beside Ryofu. And really, according to the history account Koshin and Ryofu aren't that happy with each other as well!

Back to the kit. Koshin here has a few good and bad points. The armor part count is not too bad, mainly because the cape is in 2 piece, and the weapons got plenty of pieces. The weapons also got reasonable number of combination as well, which add to playability. He is pretty much lacking in gimmick though. While the shield got hidden blades and can be mounted to the shoulder or held in hand. The fact that its special attack involves throwing the shield out like a shuriken, they really should have designed it so the shield can free-spinningin the final attack formation.

Another thing is Koshin's head when unarmed. I mean, what happened? there's no clever design for the Kanji on the forehead, and the eye look extremely awkward. The neck seems too long as well, but then again, that is to accompany the cape, so that is un-avaoidable.

Overall, is it worth the purchase? It is not bad at all, but it is certainly not of a top priority, considering there are kits better in this series. Recommend to the collectors of this series and fans of Gyan (if there are any...)

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