Friday, 1 July 2011

Bandai GFFN 1/144 Z II Gundam Review

MS Mode

Mega Beam Rifle, Beam Rifle and Bazooka

Beam Rifle in Beam Lance mode, Beam Saber

Transformation Steps

MA Mode - Wave Rider

Decals ad details

Thrusters detail

Front View


Z II Gundam has been one of my subject of interest in the Gundam franchise for a very long time. It has a rather striking appearance with it's pointy knee guards, "high heel" legs, giant nose cone and engine pods on the back, and a head almost identical to the Zeta Gundam. So I have always been disappoint that a model version of it never appear.

Fortunately, Z II Gundam make its appearance in the GFF figure line, and more importantly, under the "NEXT" series. The GFFN series attampted to address the fragile nature of the line and improve joints durability. And Z II here is as sturdy as any toy I own. The diecast content will also appeal to diecast / Chogokin fans. Unfortunetely, Gundam franchise haven't been in the Chogokin toy sector in recent years, so GFFN line might simply brush past them un-noticed.

Having said that this guy is sturdy, this figure is STILL not a toy. It is in 1/144th scale, so there are small and delicate detail on him that require care, and the transformation is definitely not kids friendly. It's original retail price also made it a "strictly fans only" purchase. However, its largely unknown status has make it a slow moving stock in some webshops, so there are always chances of discount and sales.

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