Monday, 4 July 2011

Resin 1/8 Seolla Schweitzer Review

Another Recast resin model kit, but this time I do not know who the original sculpter is. Seolla Schweitzer is the secondary lead of Super Robot Wars: Original Generation 2. While the main story is focusing on the ATX team, a secondary storyline is also unfolded around the story of the "School" members, mainly Arado, Seolla and Latooni.
At 1/8 scale, Seolla here is probably the smallest scale model that I will try to paint the eyes by hand. Part separation is pretty standard, but being a smaller, older kit, some of the part do suffer minor fitting problem. Another thing that I would have love the sculptor had done is molding the "gems" on the wrist and ankle guards as a separate pieces, or even in clear plastic. That will really make the kit stands out.

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