Monday, 4 July 2011

Bandai SD 302 Kanu Gundam - 関羽 ガンダム Review

Unarmed Form

Right: weapon - 鬼牙龍月刀

Armed Form

 Face mask - 鬼の面 can be lowered
Final Attack: - 鬼牙百烈撃


Kanu is one of the first release in the SD Sangokuden line. And in a way, you can see that the designer are still trying things out, and there are various flaws.

In general Kanu looks fine. His bare body in fact has a lot more interesting detail on it to be picked up than many of the later kits. Kanu's eyes are also of a different tone of green, one that no other kit in the SD Sangokuden or the Brave Battle Warrior line has since use (to my knowledge anyway). His armor is also intricately detailed, with segmented pattern and red and gold details.

The flaws though are a bit annoying. The heavy chest and waist armor makes Kanu look rather "fat". even if he is based on the ZZ Gundam. The thick legs, while again matching to the ZZ Gundam Kanu is based on, also add to the overweight look. The decision of using white forearm armor is also a bit off, as it dosen't look coherent to the rest of the body. The gimmick- the ONLY gimmick - of lowering the face mask is also a bit lacking, comparing to all the combining super weapons, assisting mechs, full gear transformation of the later kits.

Overall, I would say get this version of Kanu only if you juat want to complete the set, or you really like the looks of the armor. In the Brave Battle warrior line, Kanu was also given an updated form, the Demon Fang Form Kanu Gundam  - 真 鬼牙装関羽ガンダム,  that greatly improves the general proportion as well as the colour co-ordination. That would be the one I recommend.

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