Friday, 15 July 2011

Kotobukiya S.R.W. 1/144 Wildwurger high Mobility Mode Review

Wings can be unfold and deployed 

Signature weapon: Stagbeetle Crusher

 Cold Metal can be unsheathed from left arm vulcan

Wildwurger and Wildfalken

Ariel Pose: Twin Bird Strike!


Wildwurger is the personal unit of Arado Balanga, the secondary main character of the Super Robot Wars OG 2 game. Starting off as recruit of the Divine Crusaders along with partner Seolla, early on in the story Arado was shot down and presume dead by Seolla and DC, but was in fact rescued and taken in by protagonist's side and realise both him and Seolla were under brainwashing of DC and the remnant member of the "SCHOOL" research institute. Switching side, Arado soon pilot the prototype machine Wildwurger and trying to convince Seolla to his side.

This is the High Mobility Mode of Wildwurger, when it's defensive "Jacket armors" are purged. The Model however is more than just a remold of armor pieces, as major joints are also tweaked to give better poseability compared to the original.

As part of the "Twin Bird Strike" set, Wildwurger is packed along with Wildfalken, Seolla's personal unit and partner machine of Wildwurger, additional parts for Wildfalken's wings, a handheld impact stake gun for Wildwurger to hold and a pair of action base stands fro both unit, with their unit name printed on the base. The parts separates well around the colour so despite the complex colour scheme, only a handful of detail requires painting.

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