Friday, 15 July 2011

Bandai HG 1/144 Kerberos BuCUE Hound review

Overall View

Main Head. Left: Head open to reveal monoeye. Right: Mouth open to reveal hidden beam saber port.

 Keveros Pack's head. Head open to reveal beam cannon.

Left: All 3 heads are mounted on multipart necks made flexible fue to usage of wires.
Right: Keberos Pack and the Wizard Pack Port Adaptor detached.

Tank Tread mode, aka. "Infinite Rail Running Formation"

Great Poseability overall.

Left: All beam blades on main head deployed: 2 x beam fangs, 2 x Beam horn, 1 x beam saber
Right: one of Keberos Pack head beam blades deployed: 1 x beam horn, 1 x beam saber

Head crest of the head on Keberos Pack are removeable to be used by other MS as beam dagger

An additional piece is included, showing 2 headcrest piece jointed into a double ended beam blade.


One thing I love the most from the Gundam SEED and SEED destiny is the unconventional MS/MA. the 4 legged MS series: the BuCUE, is of particular interest.

The immediate reaction for most people is "ZOIDS!!", but with the Gundam Aesthetic and styling, and it's not a bad thing. Not to mention before the release of the Kotobukiya HMM Zoid model series, it was rare to see a highly articulated model kit of a animal type mecha.

Sharing the basic body with the standard BuCUE, the major differences between that and this BuCUE Hound is the front head, which now feature more beam blades and moving covers for the monoeye. the standard missile/beam cannon pack is replaced with a Wizard Pack Connector so that all Zaku Warrior's weapon packs are compactible with BuCUE Hound. The last significant changes to the original BuCUE is of course the Keberos Pack, featureing 2 heads mounting on flexible necks. Each head is armed with a beam cannon inside the mouth, as well as a beam dagger handle on the top of the head that generate a beam horn towards the side and the front. In total, Keberos BuCUE Hound has 9 beam weapons.

Oh, and it still can transform into the tank tread mobility mode. Handy. It looks nice as well with the flexible rubber for the treads.

It is a bit of a biased opinion, but I think the BuCUE series models deserves more attentions. It is something rarely seen in Gundam franchise, and the model kit is well done. Now, where is my 1/144 HG BaCOWE, Bandai?

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