Monday, 18 July 2011

Hasegawa 1/100 Virtual On Apharmd T type F review

Upper body detail

V-Convertor Detail

Leg detail

Action Pose

Height Comparison with Fei-Yen


Second completely new mold from Hasegawa in the "Virtual On" model kit line, the Apharmd models has taken some of the "lessons" learnt from the Temjins and improved here.

There seems to be much better clearance for all joints to minimise paint chipping. Partly due to the nature of the colour scheme for Apharmd, but there is a dramatic reduction of decals. The more conservative, utilitarian design means less fragile parts hanging on the kit as well.

There are flaws though. first of all, the polycaps at the ankles are VERY weak, so without a stand or support it will slowly tilt forward/backward until gravity wins. All the green camoflague patterns are painted on, because the default plastic is just a plain medium green. There is also very little other acessories either. In fact, for the T Type F version we see here, there's none, not even a set of alternative hands.

But overall, I would recommend this over other Hasegawa "Virtual On" model. It is a much better starting point to experience "advanced" models that is articulated than Temjin, and their look is probably more inline to most Sci-fi model builder than Fei-Yen. Just prepared to paint camoflague pattern though.

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