Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Bandai SD 301 Chouhi Gundam - 張飛 ガンダム Review

Unarmed Form

Left open palm hand

Armed Form with spear/trident - 大雷蛇

Close up to shoulder armor and patterened "bands" detail

Final Attack: 爆裂大雷蛇


Not to say that I'm disappointed, but just like its fellow early release member of the SD Sangokuden line, Chouhi is also lacking something.

But let's start with the good thing. He got personality. his armor is very stylised around the "asymmetrical" look. The right shoulder armor that is partially chopped off and repaired, the ankle band on the right leg and the spiked wrist guard on the left arm. On top of that is the flared out armor plating of the helmet, the two forward pointing horns and the chest armor that really reminds me of a leather jacket. You can see that he is going to be a wildcard on a battlefield. the patterned bands on the ankle and helmet is also a nice touch, if only the pattern is molded in though that would be even better.

The unarmed body, compared to Kanu, is a bit too simple, but the head, with his family name printed on the cheek instead of the forehead, is an interesting move. The weapon in its default mode is a bit underwelming. Odly enough this is probably a right size weapon for a character of this height, but somehow it actually look a bit too tiny... With the 2 add-on blade from the backpack though and it look much, much more impressive.

And now here is a flaw I must point out: the flared helmet might be nice, but when combined with the weapon blade parts stored on the backpack, his head CANNOT move. You can resolve it by moving the blades to the weapon, but this really should have been thought of by the designer at the beginning. And like Kanu, Chouhi is probably a bit lacknig in terms of gimmick.

Chouhi is pretty easy to paint, with only gold paint, a small touch of silverand red required (and perhaps metallic green for the gem). Again like Kanu, Chouhi recieved an upgraded form in the Brave Battle warrior series: 雷装 張飛ガンダム, with more elaborate armor and weapon.

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