Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Bandai SD Special Boxset Kouu Turn-X - 項羽 ターンX Review

 Unarmed Form

 New faceguard part included to transform Ryuubi into Ryuuhou-Ryuubi Gundam 劉邦 劉備

Armed form

 Left: Straight Sword 獄錐剣
Right: Curve Blade 虞美神刀

Final Attack:  拳覇爆砕
This is achieved by swapping the closed right fist 覇鉄甲 with the open version.

Shuuyu Hyakushiki's Cannon effect parts can be used

Action poses


The character of Kouu is not actually from the Three Kingdom Era, but really a long time ago before the Western Han Dynasty. Known as one of the most powerful conqueror during the chaotic era after the fall of the Qin Dynasty, the region eventually comes down to 2 alliance forces, one under Kouu and the other under Ryuuhou. In the end, Kouu was defeated in one of the major battle and eventually committed suicide.

His exploit, however, lives on in many novel, plays, movies, and even modern day video games. His fierceness and bravery were inspiration to many, but at the same time his lack of wisdom, tactic or his inability to make use of others' talents are also serves as warning for future generation.

Moving onto the model. Available only as a special boxset with the NDS game "SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors: Shin Mirisha Taisen", Kouu is the "main" character of the Sangokuden Gaiden line, the mysteriously resurrected warrior from 400 years ago seeking revenge from his eternal rival Ryuuhou (not to be confused with Ryuhou in the Gaiden line, same pronunciation, different words). It is rare to have a model based on the Turn-X, so he is very well welcomed by Gundam fans. In essence the base body is that of Ryuusou Ryuubi Gundam, but additional parts and armor are provided to convert it into Kouu. The resulted colour scheme is actually very neat, mainly off white and gold, anf has a rather "majestic" feel to it.

Accessories and gimmick is rather lacking. The only additional part specifically for Kouu is the swappable right fist to recreate his final attack. A bit simple, but then, getting Kouu himself is the major sellnig point here.

There ARE a lot of other stuff packed into this set though, namely all the armors and parts required to create Ryuusou Ryuubi Gundam. Other than that, a static body is also included, as well as a new faceguard to turn Ryuubi into "Ryuuhou Ryuubi Gundam".

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