Thursday, 14 July 2011

Bandai SD 337 Ryuhou Gundam - 劉封 ガンダム Modification Build Review

Modification Stage

The original Ryuhou Gundam as shown on assembly instruction

Loadout of modified Ryuhou Gundam

Chest armor: pegs on armor are trimmed to match slot sizes on the chest

Backpack: trimming was done to match the the profile of the back of the body

Head: helmet is trimmed down to just the front face guard, dragon tail and head crest

First test assembly

  The remains of the original Ryuhou Gundam...

Final Result

 Unarmed Form with staff: 激旋風棍

Detail Shots

Armed Form

Twin Swords: 双龍偃月刀

Combined long blade: 双龍疾風長刀

Final Attack: 双龍疾風撃
Alternative weapon combinations


The SD Sangokuden Gaiden line is a bit of a let down really. All of them are essentially old SD gundam kits with retooled components to distinquish them from the old kits. Most of this molds are sold at a cheaper price back then then now as well... but at least this means opportunities to mess around and try out modifications...

Here I decided to use the clear version of Chou'un Gundam that I got in a special set from sale as the main body. The main modifications are on the armor pieces, which are in general pretty easy (except for the helmet). Once the armor parts fit reasonably well to the body, it is just a matter of repainting all over to complete the look. In reality, the modification is probably the easiest part of them all. It's the painting that's took the most time and effort..

I very much recommend people try out modifying SD Gundam model kits. they are cheap to mess with, and their oriental / medievil / futuristic themes let you run wild with the designs.

Another thing I would recommend: install plastic gems! Usually SD Gundams are decorated with gem stones but in most cases they are just molded in. Adding a "real" gems would really give a kit some much needed "soul"!

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