Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Resin Kit 1/100 FA-78-1 Full Armor Gundam Review


First of all, this is a recast resin kit. The original is too expensive for a beginner like me. Beside, it seems the original is long gone out of production anyway.

Of all the Full Armor Gundam design I have encountered, this is probably my favourite. Unlike the recently released Master Grade Full Armor Gundam, which looks a bit too lightly armed for me, this one feels powerful and intimidating. The 2 double barrel "Full shield" beam cannons is a drastic improvement to the small forearm mounted beam cannons on the MG, and the overall body armor really bulk up the overall look without making the unit look fat, which is one of the main complain I have over the MG version.

Of course, there are major drawback. being a resin kit, there is the chores of cleaning up mold gates, the absolute necessity of painting the entire model, and that it is fixed pose. These are pretty obvious drawback that people building resin kits will always face.

The mounting method of this model is also left much for improvement. Officially this to be mounting onto the supplied base using a metal rod for a mid-air pose, the kit itself, however, is way too heavy, so the original base will never keep it standing, so much so that I ended up stick the base onto a bigger, heavier, wider acrylic plate to keep it standing. And even so, the kit has so many overhanging parts with minimal connection to the main torso, that breakage is very common (happened to me twice three times already, where one of the arm got broken off clean at the shoulder)

All in all though, I love this Full Armor design. And at 1/100 scale it really does takes presences on the shelves. Now if only Bandai make this design into a MG kit.....

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