Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Bandai NG 1/100 Vent Savior Gundam Quick Review


there is something about Athrun's suits in SEED and SEED Destiny that always appeals to me, maybe it's the transforming ability, or the on-screen colour of the suits (not the model though, I painted my 1/100 NG Aegis in maroon red because the pink was too shocking). I kind of regret not buying the original Savior Gundam model kit when it was available, so when the Vent Savior Gundam was on sale I decided to get it instead.

The nice thing is that, in addition to the new parts for Vent Savior Gundam, all the original Savior Gundam parts are included as well, letting you mix and match the parts to a look you like. For me, I like the vertical "Mohawk" forehead camera of Savior more than the sweptback one of Vent Savior. The new wings position sort of increase the overall width of the MA mode and give it more presence (although it makes no sense why you want the delicate wing sections dangling out like a pair of shield.....).

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