Thursday, 30 June 2011

MC 1/144 Nu Gundam EVOLVE Version Review


 Left: Nu Gundam Standard loadout
Right: Nu Gundam "Cannon" loadout

Fin Funnel Full Loadout

Beam Sabers

Detail Shots

Rear Flaps Movable

Beam Saber "Daggers"

This is the first model created by MC (Model Comprehend). Based on a resin conversion kit, the whole model is re-designed into an injection plastic model kit. I'll leave it up to yourself to determine the legal issue of this. For now we will be looking at the model kit itself.
While in 1/144 scale, This model is reasonably taller than the original Bandai HG 1/144 Nu Gundam, and quite a bit bigger than other regular HG 1/144 models in the line. Articulation is very good, mainly on par with newer HG kits, and the sculpt in general looks very good. The only thing that really shows it is not made by Bandai is the slightly more fragile plastic (very similar to Kotobukiya's model kit) and that panel lines are in general thicker than those on Bandai's kit.

Beside the size and the new look, another great thing about this kit is the accessories. weapon load out includes 2 beam sabers w. both end beam effect parts, forearm stored beam saber handle with short beam effect part, 2 bazookas, 1 beam rifle, 1 shield and 12 fin funnels. Additional hard point parts are included for the mounting of fin funnels, beam saber handles or bazooka on each side.

In conclusion, this is a highly recommended kit for regular HG model kit builders. I would refrain from recommend this to beginners due to the sheer number of parts, and slightly fragile plastic and some fitting problems (albeit pretty minor). MC has already released an EVOLVE version of Hi-Nu Gundam in the same scale, and beginning to explore SD scale model kits. It might not be an official model kit from Bandai, but seeing this is probably the only way I can get hold of these mobile suits in plastic form, I don't think I will complain.

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