Sunday, 5 October 2014

Kotobukiya 1/12 Kos-Mos Version 4 (Painted Review)

A Great kit with some weight issues....
...for me though, it was PAINT issues....

General View
Front View . Note that stand is not included.

Back View 

Close Up
the kit is painted with white paint, followedby clear gloss with pearl powder. Once again, the pearl powder do not show through on camera. 

While the kit has prepainted parts, things like the buckles, suspenders, and various chest armor details are left unpainted. Sames goes for the weapons. 

the kit comes with a selestion of alternative hands (rubber), a spare torso in Tri-Punisher configuration, a paint of handguns, a paint of triple gatling guns with the option for small or large magazine. Also not shown here is the Dragon Tooth, alternative hair piece and a selestion of alternative face (look left, look right, look forward and berserk eyes)

Action Pose
Dragon Tooth in launcher mode 

Dragon Tooth in sword mode. 

So I don't know much of Xenosaga, but knowing that this is based on the APSY RaCaseal mold, I had to get it, and I am happy to say that this kit improves a lor to the problem I had with the RaCaseal molds, mainly the fragile joints. Here they seems to be made from different material, or redesigned for the character

Weight of the accessories though is even more apparent though, thanks to the source material with oversized weapons. But overall this is a good kit, just prepare to paint in some tiny details though.

For me though, the painting process was a disaster, mainly the closs coat. Once again I tried to have faith in Humbrol's acrylic gloss spray can, and once again, the paint is poor, slow to dry, easy to edge into other paint.

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  1. I wished Bamco would re-release Xenosaga series one day considering It was such ambitious project back in PS2 era with really cool mecha design. So some re-port will definitely spark the interest for the series once again and possibly we could get more affordable plamo kit of the mechas