Friday, 25 July 2014

Gundam Eclipse "5" Group Build Entry - 1/144 EX Hildolfr "Warwolf" Custom

Finally done. It was hard finding an excuse to build this kit, even though it was my holy grail kit. At the end none of the weapon addition or LED are  my proudest achievement, but it was the rust and weathering effects.

By they way, I went crazy and took something like 50 photos. So beware...

Tank mode:

Shovel deployed:

Mode Change:

Here is the "5" Theme - 5 types of firearms. 1 x Main Gun, 2 x Twin Rocket Launcher, 1 x Beam Bazooka on the rear, 2 x Beam Gatling Guns and 1 x Machine Gun.

And another "5" theme - Divide and Conquer! 5 sub-units!
To be honest, this is just how the Hildolfr model kit is constructed, but it was funny when it just suddenly pop into my head that this is actually fit the "5" theme as well...

Gun walker:

Twin Rocket Pod Drones:

The super low profile..... err... ankle shooter?????

And Finally the one that carries all the ammunitions for the main gun. The appropriately named "Boom Box"

Oh, and did I mentioned that Hildolfr unit code is "YMT-05"?

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