Monday, 2 September 2013

Bandai LBX 014 Lucifer - Corrupted Custom Build Review

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LBX Lucifer is more or the one of the big bad boss of the first season of Danball Senki. and its regal look suit it just fine. Then half way through the fight, we see Lucifer badly damage, and its true nature shows and the Corrupt form is born.

Here I try to recreate that form the best I can. Using a soldering iron and rotart tool, I sculpt away chunks of armor to make the look melted and deformed, and sculpted crack lines all over with a craft knife. As the kit has very little exposed hollow part to begin with, there aren't any puttying work to do.

The paint scheme is rather simple. White is don't with Tamiya fine surface primer and Tamiya clear mixed with Mica pearl powder. the Gold is just black under coat followed by Tamiya Gold spray can. Clear purple parts are sprayed with clear red. Metallic red details (horn, eyes and abdomen) are just hand painted silver and Tamiya clear red on top. Finally, grey parts are done with Citadel Codex Grey.

For the melted effect, I started by dry brushing black onto the area, then a bit of white, the nfinally orange and yellow on top. the orange paint picked up where whate is painted on and shine brightly on those parts.

Licifer itself is a great kit for OOB. With little/no hollow parts and more or less all colours covered (either via part separation or via stickers). Articulation, however, suffer as a result of the design. There are little knee articulations, and elbows are also rather limited. Btu overall, Lucifer is worth the money


  1. Hi what Mica Powder color did you use ?

    1. It was supposed to be the lilac/purple Mica Powder, but it just doesn't show through well.