Saturday, 24 August 2013

Gundam Eclipse LBX Group Build (24/8/2013) - Corrupt Lucifer WIP Update

Almost there.....

Parts are prepared for mod step 1: Points extensions 

The original rounded off tips are filed flat, and extra material cut from the spruce are glued on with polycement.

Points are then leave to dry completely, before going back and file into shape 

Adding damage effects, first by adding a lot of scratches and cracks using scalpel. Major damage sections are also done with cutters. 


Melted armor effect is done with soldering iron and rotary tools. White primers help showing the mods on camera.

Mica pearl powders are added to some clear tamiya acrylic paint and airbrushed on 

Unfortunately, the effect is hardly noticeable..... 

Then painting started!. the colour scheme is simple. Only paint required are grey, black, gold spraycans, then a bit of silver and clear red for hand brushing. Black is then added to the damaged area. 

Then white is splodged onto the damage area with a sponge. clear yellow and orange are sprayed on top to create a melted metal effect. But..... 

.... up close it's not as good as I wish really.... I might think about repainting this a bit....

But anyway, I am nearly there. as soon as it is finish, I will make a full photo and video review of this.

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