Thursday, 15 December 2011

Metal House Super vehicle 001 Metal Bug (Metal Slug) Review

General View

Detail View


Well..... This took me longer than expected.

So it has been quite a while since I have build a "realistic" colour scheme model like a tank or cars, and even the last one i did was a Warhammer 40K's Sci-Fi Tau "Hammerhead" hover tank. So this is quite a refreshing build for me, especially when it comes to the weathering.

But before that, the build. the plastic end up not as nice as they looked when they were inside the wrapping. they are kind of waxy and slightly soft. I am sure they are Polystyrene but they melt and weld very slowly with the poly cement. There are mold lines to be cleaned up in many places, but overall it is pretty much what I expected from a "bootleg" (even though it is a brand new mould design).

Unfortunately, the moving turret was a bit too ambitious by the designer, as the 2 "movable" piston on the front more or less wedge the turret's position to dead forward. The 2 Gatling gun does rotate, but the turret is a bit too wide, so they end up collide against each other, and therefore it is better to detach the Gatling guns and re-attach them in the desired angle.

The overall look however is pretty nice. the flared out tracks on the front and back and the details around the turret and the back of the tank really does scream "Metal Slug" to you. But to do this model justice, painting is a definite must.

Here I began with spray painting the model with flat black, then priceed to airbrush various shades of grey to the model overall, before painting in the suspension parts, tank tracks and minor details. Next, black "smoke" weathering is added to exhausts, gun barrel and dirt traps, light brown "dirt" weathering to the tracks, underside and back of the tank. Finally a coating of matt clear coat to seal the detail in.

In conclusion, is it worth it? I personally think so, simply for the novelty of getting a model of a classic game. But yes. you better be ready to work on it, and experience in model building would be recommended.

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