Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Konami Busou Shinki MMS Type Spoon Merienda Review

Unarmed Form
Merienda uses the MMS 3rd Short body and without the thigh or arm washers.

Hair sculpt is detailed with the braided hair tied up. there is no shading for the hair however.
2 facial expression available: neutral smiling and grinning (shown later in armored form)

Paint application of unarmed form is left slightly ambiguous. The vibe of a Freestyle Gymnastics is showing though.

As the theme suggest, Merienda comes with armor pieces that forms a spoon, which in turn can become a fork as well.

Armored Form

Armored form takes the theme of a waitress / French maid

Skirt armor are articulated so leg movement would not be restricted

The white section of the back armor act as the "unterskirt" when the outer skirt pieces are lifted.

The fictional company logo is printed there

All the weapon parts can be mounted on the back as a backpack when not in use. The backpack vaguely resemble a large ribbon.

Weapon form 1: Rifle

Form 2: sword and Shield

The fork form act as the sword, while the "spoon tip" peg into the wrist armor as shield


French Maid/Waitress, the stereotypical theme that is compulsory on all japanese toyline and anime series. Fortunately in Buosu Shinki they mix it up a bit with the theme of cooking utensils, and end up with Merienda, MMS Type "Spoon".

As a Light Armor, there are reasonable amount of amor part count, enough to make a change in the overall look from unarmed to armed form. The spoon theme is also well played as well, with the giant spoon forming a variety of weapon., as well as a fork! (no knife though, although Merienda do use it as a sword.)

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