Monday, 15 August 2011

WIP - Hasegawa Virtual ON 1/100 Myzr Delta Part 2 - Legs

moving on from the feet upward....

Lower Leg

Partlist of the lower thigh innerframe.

Lower thigh Innerframe completed.

Lower thigh external armor. All the light blue parts in this kit are molded in white, so all of them need to be painted. Knee armors are molded in purple but require some pink paint applications.

Completed Lower thigh posed next to the foot before connecting.

Upper thigh partlist. There is differences between the left and right upper thigh while the rest of the legs are identical between left and right legs.

Upper thigh completed

(Right) Leg completed.

By default this is the level of articulation of the leg. The knee armor is too close to both the upper and lower thigh armor.

Leg folded up for Transformed mode. Transformation is actually VERY complicated in come way, so photos are omitted till later.

By leaving the lower thigh armor half transformed, the kneed articulation improves quite a bit.

And here's one half of a "major" part of the kit complete (Half, because I haven't build the left leg yet). hasegawa here tried to pull off a Kotobukiya SRW line stunt with the colour separation work, and I must say I'm impressed. They did it before on the Fei-Yen series kit, but here the stripes on the leg overall looks very clean and sharp better than what I've seen before. there are some bit and pieces of painting, but compared to before on Temjin or Apharmd, it's very reasonable.

What is a bit of a let down is the articulation. With the transformation, I would have thought the knee would have been very good. but instead the overcomplicated transformation sort of hinder it all. On the other hand, I realise that I can get it to a "compromising" state of transformation that get the articulation level I want, and still look very good.

so after this would be the torso. From the instruction it's going to be another tough one, so finger-crossed...

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