Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Konami Busou Shinki MMS Type Ferret Partio Review

Unarmed Form. Partion uses a MMS 3rd Small Body

Due to the design of MMS 3rd body, the spacers can be left out to even more emphasis the figure's small size. Here I will use them as part of the Armored Mode

Left: Normal expression
Right: Crying expression

Tail can be held by hand as a blade

A Pair of Knuckles / Blade Tonfars also included

Also Included is a fish bone...... wa?

Armed Form

Close Up to the upper body

A Pair of arm blade can be swiveled out

Partio's "familiar", a little ferret

Personal transport flying saucer for little ferret

For some reason, Partio looks very natural in poses where she seems to be feeling embarrassed...

Possibly the cutest drop kick in the world??


Partio and her wavemate, Type MMS Squirrel Pomock, are pretty important in the history of Busou Shinki, namely they are the first pair of Shinki to be using MMS 3rd body, AND also the first pair to debute in the "Small" size.

as a member of the "Light Armor" series, Partio comes with minimal armor and accessories. Armor only consists of handsand feet replacements, chesplate, a tiny collar around the neck and a tail, but it is probably enough convey the "ferret" theme. The 2 facial expressions are also well design to bring out the "cuteness" of BLADE's design.

What is slightly annoynig though, is that the rest of the accessories are not really usable by Partio when she is fully armed. With the hand/wrist armors in place, Partio cannot use her default sets of holding hands, so she can't hold the knuckle blades or the fish bone. And while the mini ferret is very cute and good to have, there are no additional parts to add to its mini saucer, so it's not a lot you can do with it.

But all in all, it is the charm of the design that will draw you in the most, and in this case Partio got it in abundance (In my own opinion of course). It would be nice to see a bit more armor parts, but that might seriously hamper her "cute" factor. There is also a "Proto" version of Partio that was release as even exclusive and Konami Webshop exclusive, which uses a standard MMS Type 1 body and with even less accessories. With only a gun as a new part, it is probably not worth its exclusive level price when the regular version of Partio is much easier to get hold of.

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