Monday, 25 July 2011

Bandai SD 043 Shin Kougai Gouf - 真 黄蓋 グフ Review


Unarmed Form

Armed Form

 Weapon: Claw Shield 虎爪盾

 Weapon: Iron Whip 鉄砕鞭 in Rod mode 棍棒形態

Whip mode 鞭形態

Final Attack: 雷虎襲!
A combination of using the whip to strike the opponent while charging electricity to the claw shield to deliver the final blow.


Kougai's role in history, novel and the SD Sangokuden are pretty similar, a veteran who serve the Son family from Sonken Sr. all the way until his death while serving Sonken Jr. In all version he is shown to be just and brave, willing to take the dangerous position in battle. In History and classic novel, he was the one to initiate the "Burning Ship" strategy against Sousou at the Battle of red Cliff, feinting to surrender to Sousou with a collection of small boat, only to ignite them with oil, damaging Sousou's fleet before escaping into the river. The novel also fictioned that he was the one who arrange Chousen to enter Toutaku's palace in order to drive Toutaku and Ryofu apart.

Since his role is rather small in the SD Sangokuden manga, it is a bit of a surprise that in the Brave Battle Warrior anime that he is given a bit more screen time, starting as a "old carer" role to Sonken Jr and Sonsoukou at the beginning, and ended in a heroic last act in the Battle of Red Cliff, attacking Sousou's fleet in a suicide attack.

Model wise Kougai is a bit of a mix. He looks very good, and the fact he is a brand new mold also serves to its favour. But the armor part count is appalling, there are only a helmet, a backpack and 2 shoulder armors. Most of the part count seems to go into the iron whip, which I also wish that it is a bit more flexible, as really, what is shown in the picture here IS the maximum bend the whip can take. It would be better if it use a similar mechanism as Kakouton's snake sword.

But overall, anyone who pick Kougai up is probably not concern about the lack of armor, what they mostly want is a model kit of a heroic character that perhaps should get more fame and recognition

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