Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Bandai EX 1/144 SEED Mechanic set - Moebius Zero Review

Part of the EX model kit series that are released in low quantity, Moebius Zero is available in the SEED Mechanic set along with 1/144 Sky Grasper. Being EX model, Moebius Zero is not really articulated except for the main gun swivel and slight movement for the thrusters.
The 4 gun pods are removable, each with a stand, and each has 2 gun hatch doors that can open, so the gun barrels can be attached to show the guns deployed. A circular sensor dish can also swivelled up on each of the gun pod.
Slight disappointment though is that the model is entirely molded in orange, including the stands. This means everything has to be painted to make it show accurate. Another thing is that Bandai only supply 2 wires for you to display the gun pods deployed, when really they should have given people 4.

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