Sunday, 3 November 2013

Arika Yumemiya WIP Photos thread (Update April 2014)

Unfortunately, preparation for the resin kit has taken too long, and with a up-coming model contest, I have to put this project on hold. As the model is now completed, here are some WIP photos

NOV 2013
 I have tried something that is new to me, and that is making curved object on Rapid Prototyping.

The 2 shoulders are completely remodeled on Solidworks to resemble the alternative design of Arika Yumemiya's Manga Meister Robe. The 2 parts are produced is SLS nylon, and unfortunately resulted in a rather rough and porous surfact texture. to smooth them out, multiple layer of Tamiya surface primer are used and sanding in between layer to smooth the surface up. Right now the surface are almost good enough.

FEB 2014

Project resumes! With the RP parts more or less smooth enough (after a few coats of car body filler and sanding), the parts are painted gold. All resin parts are primed white as well.

MARCH 2014

Shading on the white parts are done. I have tried putting a pearl effect coat on the white parts, unfortunately it seems to not show up at all unless a very strong light is hitting the surface. so much so it might as well be not there.

UPDATE: Putting the metallic blue colour on. the parts are sprayed black firest, then a Humbrol Baltic Blue, then a light coat of Tamiya Mica Blue. The combination works really well, and even better with a coat of clear gloss on top afterward.

Test fitting.

APRIL 2014

Finally, the skintone. A lot of problem while mixing the skintone colour actually. The end result is not as lively as I want, with the shading bleached out pretty badly. Oh well....

The blade is soaked in clear cloor varnish, and is starting to clear up a bit more. After that would be some clear blue on the top surface.

The big problem though is some of the masking for the blue parts were pretty bad. Need some touch up work before gluing the kit to the base.

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