Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Bandai S.H.Figuart Gods Eater Alisa Review

Video Review

Front View

Back/Side Views
Close Up

Very detail decals for the hat and skirt. Paint job for the details are also suprisingly good, very clean overall. The shading fro the boots and gloves are also very well done.

Action Pose: Articulation is good in general. There are restrictions at the hips and only 90deg bend on the knees, but Alisa can still pull some very dynamic poses.

Soft rubber suspenders flows along with the twist and bend of the upper torso.

Alisa's main accessory: God Arc.

Although it is only made of plastic, it still has a bit of weight in it, enough that the instruction warns of potential breakage at the hilt and recommend the usage of the stand at all time.

Very well painted in metallic red, dark gunmetal and silver highlight.



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