Saturday, 18 August 2012

Konami Busou Shinki MMS Type Ninja Mizuki Type 2 Review

Video Review

No photo of the basic body and facial expression this time. Please see video review for those.

Armored Form

The wings are made of multiple parts, and can be freely posed into a large variety of position. The wings can also be mounted on the waist armor or the back armor.

Main Weapon: Bow

The bow is made of 2 swords mounted on the handle. and can be swivelled around as a close range weapon.

A bit bulky, but it can be stored on the side of the leg

Twin Sword in Cutter mode

Throwing Knives


So, after so many years, the MMS Type Ninja are finally released properly asa general release. But unlike the exclusive Fubuki Type 1 before, Fubuki Type 2 and Mizuki Type 2 have major upgrades done to them. Beside the new Hi-tech ninja armors, they also gain MMS3rd bodies and extra facial expression.

Mizuki and Fubuki Type 2 are essentially the game mold with a colour pallete swap, but their weapons, hair accessories and facial expressions also differ. Mizuki here has a bow as the main weapon, and rather fancy looking throwing knives instead of the traditional ones. Her head sculpt and facial expressions are also more serious and intimidating compared to Fubuki.

So, is the new MMS type Ninja worth it? One of the big issue I have with this wave is the relatively small amount of armor pieces, while being sold as a full size Shinki set. Although, to compensate, their price tag has been reduced slightly to match that. And when viewed next to the recent releases, Fubuki and Mizuki are pretty much the more affordable choice you can have.

That, and the more minimal look do help the ninja look.

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