Friday, 17 February 2012

Max Factory Figma no. 116: Black Rock Shooter BRS3035 Review

Back after a month of haitus for a review.

Video Review:

Close up: blank/neutral face expression with "Flame eye" effect front hair piece

Left: Rock Cannon
Right: Close to body detail. 

Left: Wing Tails
Right: Ponytails 

Rock Cannon is reasonably light, but still too heavy for the arm joints in most cases. An extra figma stand with clip is supplied for the Rock Cannon, but careful posing also work.

 Black Blade

Close Up: Angry face. 


With the anime and game of Black Rock Shooter in full swing, I guess this is a good time to review this.

Figma no. 116, Black Rock Shooter 2035 (aka BRS2035 on the box) is based on the version of OVA character in the recent PSP game "Black Rock Shooter: The Game". 1 of the several variants currently available, this version takes the original design and add a touch of futuristic element to it.

The main themes all remain here: the assymmetric ponytails, the blue flaming eye, the black leather coat, and the weapons are all here, but bit and pieces are updated and changed.

The coat tail is shorten, and in place a pair of mechanical wings are there instead. The scars on the torso are replaced with barcodes. The boot is modified, the Rock Cannon now has a bayonet on the end, and the Black Blade now got a hand guard that extend down, and the plade is not mostly black.

The wings actually add a bit more stability for the figure on ground pose when used as 3rd/4th legs. while the Rock Cannon is still too much for the arm joint, an extra stand is included to prop it up for various pose.

In the end, I decided to pick this version up over the others because it is easier to acquire, and the futuristic elements interest me more.

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