Saturday, 7 January 2012

Bandai LBX 006 The Emperor Model Kit Review

Video Review

Front View

Back View

Weapon: Giant mace "Titania"

I have modified the head and the torso to accept batteries and LED, so that I could take advantage of the clear eyes.

The kit originally comes with a paper cape in the assembly instruction. But instead I opt to have a fabric cape. The cape is made from a piece of wide red ribbon. Tear are cuts are added to make it look rough and rugged.


The first LBX model kit in my collection, and I think this is probably the best starting point for anyone interested in this line. The kit is designed to be around the same difficulty level as SD and HG kits, but with a lot more part colour separation. A fair amount of stickers are also provided, mainly for the red stripes on the legs and the weapon (of which, I only used the legs' stickers). Assembly instruction is in full colour, and as all Bandai kits, easy to follow. Poseability is in general very good, but the heavy armor does get in the way sometimes.

But of course, this kit benefit from a bit of detailing up with paint. Painted part includes the red stripes on the feet, purple rims around the knees, lowers thighs and shoulders. To keep the purple colour consistent, all the purple plastic parts are also painted.

To finish it up, I decided to modify the torso and head to allow a LED to be installed inside the head, as well as a red fabric cape in place of the paper cape the kit come with.

One thing to look out for in this kit (and probably the whole line in general), is that the shoulder joint is made of polycap type soft plastic, which might tear during posing if there are too much friction in the shoulder joints. But overall this is a great kit, with a nice, imposing looking design and weapon.

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