Monday, 14 November 2011

Bandai SD 319 Rikuson Zeta Plus - 陸遜 ゼータプラス Review

Unarmed Form

The Unarmed form of Rikuson is relatively plain, with little lines or detials.
Support Mecha - 跳燕機

"Lightly" Armed Form

Weapon: Giant Halberd - 燕戟・宝旋霞
The clear blue plastic "gem" is hollowed out from the edge, so it looks complete from both side of the halberd.
"Fully" Armed Mode

This is formed by combining parts from the Support Mecha as backpack and shoulder armors.

Left: Like many other SD Gundam under Sonken, the helmet decoration can be lowered over the eyes.
Right: Shield - 飛燕盾 - is made of one clear blue shoulder armor part and the left over parts of the support mecha.

Combined Weapon: Double Blade formation - 両刃形態 - using both the shield and the halberd

Transformed into Flying Formation - 燕迅形態


Personally, I do not know much of Rikuson about his place in history until I begin to research about him for this review. But from what I gathered, while he is not particularly well known (for me) he is definitely an important character, being a student of Shuuyu, then go on to become chief strategist of Sonken after his teacher's passing.

As a kit, Rikuson benefit from several things:
Firstly, It is a transformable SD, with a support mecha gimmick and good armor part count.
Secondly, a very generous usage of clear parts. While there are only 4 piece of Clear blue parts, all are of considerable size, and all are placed in eye-catching locations.
Lastly, It requires only 1 "vital" colour to be painted: Gold, and 2 colour for very minor application: white and red. All of these colour are attainable in the form of Gundam Markers, making this a very easy kit to paint.

I would recommend Rikuson as a first SD Gundam kit to people. The simplicity and value make it a very good starting point into SD Sangokuden.

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