Saturday, 24 September 2011

Resin 1/6 Nazuna Full Action kit - Part 2 - Joints and Painting

Video and more photos available after the jump

Here are all the Light and mid blue painted parts

The stripe on the robe is painted in. Look reasonable from a distance, but not the best up close.

Left: Knee joints. made of Hobby Base flesh colour ball joints. Exvept I shoudl have bought them in black/dark grey. there are also 2 Wave plastic joints inside each thigh to secure the knee joints.
Right: Major armor pieces.

A bit of detail added using paint and Gundam Marker.

Painted Dark Blue parts and hair pieces.

 Ankle joint.

Right: the arm joints.

Left: the Waist components
Right: one of the shoulder joint. It is composed of 4 different joints, and requires 2 resn pieces to cover it all.

Hair pieces. The Shading actually sort of visible this time round.

The next thing to do is the skintone and hip area joints. then it would be the dread eyes....

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