Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Kaiyodo Revoltech Reycal Orichalcum Figure Review

Reycal Orichalcum

Standard views

Like all Revoltech figures, racheted revoltech joints are used throughout, which give you a wide range of movement as long as you can figure out how to used the joints. The "skirt" around the hip is made of soft rubber so it won't hinder the leg movement.

Reycal's hair is hinged and separated into 3 sections, which helps creating a "floating in the wind" effect look

It is not very visible, but the hair pieces are in fact clear plastics with slightly see through paint application on top. It sort of work, but it's hardly visible.

Extra expressions: Angry (look to right), embarrassed (look to left)
Extra hands: Fists, holding hand

Knight Eagle

Knight eagle is jointed at the legs, tail and root of the wings with Revoltech joints, the wings are swivel jointed mid section too. There is no head movement.

Combined: Knight Reycal

the combination requires complete disassemble of Knight eagle, and various part swaps on Reycal, including her front hair piece, extra elbow parts to cover the length between the elbow joints to the wrist armors. The thigh armors are also separate pieces that are not used on Knight Eagle.

Detail views. Head and neck movements are somewhat restricted by the armors. It would be even wores though if not for the hair joints.

The spear is formed of a extra pole piece and the tail of Knight Eagle. a small tab hold the spear in Raycal's hand.


To be honest, I don't know who Reycal Orichalcum is, as I have never read the manga itself. She has been constantly been listed in sales on Hobby Link Japan, and therefore I decided to pick her up and see. The end result is pretty satisfying for the price I paid.

Overall Reycal looks pretty good. The slightly large hip and thighs are not my thing, but it's not a big deal. the neck joints is useful, but if you set it too far forward, Reycal would look hunch-back and odd. Reycal also missing a simple swivel joint above the knees, which will make posing a lot easier. The mid torso joint is very useful and gives a wide range of movement, especially for mid air pose.

Knight Eagle though is a bit weak. It might look nice, but really there is not much to do with it. the wings move, but its lack of head movement  means it can only do foward flying pose only. the leg is jointed but the armor design hinder the articulation.

Knight eagle is most useful as armors for Knight Reycal form, and she looks great overall. The front chest armor is not a very secure hold though, so it will pop off when you try to pose Reycal's head. The wings now is much more useful, where you can fold them up and tuck them down for ground poses, or open them up and spread to the side for flying action poses. The hair joints also convey the flying feel well, but it would be even better if they could move even more to free up the head motion more.

Overall, Reycal is worth a purchase at a discount. There are some flaws on her that makes her less attractive at retail price, but she is still a pretty fun figure to play around with.

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