Wednesday, 13 July 2011

SD 315 (032) Shin Shuuyu Hyakushiki 真 周瑜 ヒャクシキ Review


Unarmed Form

Long Bow: 白爪弓, Arrow is composed of 2 pieces ( jointed between the shaft and fletching)

Armed Form

Long bow can be separated into 2 halves and stored on the back

Eye shield can be attached to the inside of the face guard

Long Sword: 白虎刀

Final attack

Cannon: 天雷火砲 in storage mode

Deployed mode. Achieved by combining with the long sword, long bow, shoulder armor and backpack
3 deep blue effect part are used to replicate the firing effect.

Shuuyu is the main strategist and close friend of Sonsaku, serving the Son family for a long time. In both history and novel he aws known to be a hansome man that excel in both artistry, martial art and intelligent. In history he was the main commander that is responsible for the tactic and victory at the Battle of Red Cliff, although in the novel, this was given to Koumei instead. In history, Shuuyu suffered but survived a serious wound in the Battle of Red Cliff, but die years afterward at the age of 35, while in the novel he died of the wound combined with anger after Koumei foiled his plans to prove his worth over Koumei three times.

The kit here sure brings home the "handsome" part of his description by depicting him in the form of the shiny Hyakushiki. Unfortunately the kit is moulded in orange yellow, so to get gold you need to paint him (or you can get the special set that included a gold colour chromed Shuuyu and a translucent colour molded Sonken). The armor is done to show the bare body as well, so armor part count is only average. a large portion of the part count is towards the heavy cannon that was seen in the anime and manga as a decisive weapon against Sousou's naval fleet. It feature a pair of moveable "feet" and an extendable barrel, and look intimidating when in deployed mode and combined with the armro and weapon parts from Shuuyu.

The Shin version here includes a new plate of clear plastic beside the light blue used on the armro and arrow. A darker blue tree is included which gives Syuuyu an eye visor as well as a well detailed shooting effect part for the cannon (useable on the the arrow too).

Overall Shuuyu is not a disappointing kit at all. the Shin version however is probably the best value, wthi a nice lookngi bisor and effect parts. THe special set is probably good for straight build, who don't want to paint in the gold colour.

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