Monday, 27 June 2011

Hasegawa 1/100 Virtual ON Fei-Yen w. CH Review

 Standing Pose with both Cinderella Heart and Vivid Heart

 Running Pose

 Back View

"What do you mean I'm fired?!?"

Based on the "Virtual On 4: FORCE" Fei-Yen is Hasegawa's 3rd mold design in their Virtual On model line, after Temjin and Apharmd. Compared to the previous 2, Fei-Yen is simpler model, with a lower price. The more simple model also means it is a bit more sturdy than the previous member of this line. This version, the "Cinderella Heart" version, comes with the special weapon, the serving tray, as well as the "Vivid Heart" rapier.

Just like Temjin, Fei-Yen comes with a sizable set of decals to cover all the stripes detail and the pattern on the "hair". Compared to Temjin however, it does not require much painting, only the handle of the rapier, the gold decoration on the white "apron" and various black detail require painting. Articulation wise, Fei-yen is decent but with several flaw, with only 90 degree elbows, relatively limited ankles, and restriction to movement range due to the "skirt" and shoulder decoration. Like all Hasegawa model, the kit is part snap assembly, part gluing assembly, and would definitely benefit with some modelling experience.

Overall, this is a good kit to try out the Hasegawa's new model line. Also, how many robot girl model kit there is in the market?

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